College of Nursing Art and Science,University of Hyogo : Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program


Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

University of Kochi is designated as the Administrative Center (the Center) for Disaster Nursing Global Leadership Program and University of Hyogo will host the Simulation Lab for Disaster Nursing (the Lab).
At both places, directors of the Center and Lab will oversee the respective unit.

Disaster Nursing Simulation Lab Center

Within the Center is a facility for joint researches where leading academic researches on disaster nursing will be promoted through the Education and Curriculum Committee which will develop programs in a concerted effort with industry and government.

The Center will function as the hub of researches such as ‘comprehensive research on post-disaster stress,’ ‘building an industry-government-academia model for overall disaster reduction through the use of local ICT,’ and building a model for ‘decision-making training.