College of Nursing Art and Science,University of Hyogo : Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program


Industry-goverment-academia Collaboration Model

Industry-goverment-academia Collaboration Model

DNGL program aims to produce professionals who will be leading experts in industry, government, and academic fields. The graduate schools of this program have laid foundation for industry-government-academia collaboration through cooperating with medical centers, administrative offices, and other colleges in the region.

DNGL program’s objective is to build a stronger network with medical, governmental, and disaster related organizations by carrying out trial projects, internship, and practicum at these organizations.

The program is committed to train the students to be disaster nursing leaders upon graduation and be able to show their ability at research center, educational institutions, and disaster related field, such as hospitals and governmental organizations, NPOs, and international organizations.

Industry-goverment-academia Collaboration Model:Needs&Seed to disaster risk reduction cooperation model.Research(translational research) and internship.

Currently, 32 universities across the globe are participating in the disaster nursing programs. Our students can take advantage of studying or working at these universities according to individual needs and capacities.

In addition, the program plans to initiate international exchange among the entire.